1. 2GB R270.00
2. 4GB R380.00


More Laptops COMING SOON keep on checking for updates IF no updates after two days please contact us about the specifications of the laptop you want we will get one ASAP for you. eg ram 4gb hdd 500 processor intel model 2016


terms of the Device punchase

If your device is faulty while it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you must call the national support general@pcpadvisor.co.za of the relevant manufacturer to arrange for the manufacturer to repair your device. The manufacturer’s warranty is only valid for a period of one year from date of activation of your device.

You may be charged for the repair of the device if the damage was caused by your negligence (the device being dropped, water damaged) or misused. if you lost the device we do not cover it make sure your devices is in the secured place everytime.